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During the NSW State election campaign of 2011, the former State Independent MP John Hatton, again ran for Parliament.  Hatton was the man who had identified corruption in sections of the NSW Police, and in doing so brought about the Wood Royal Commission into Police Corruption, which proved him right.


Hatton ran under the banner NSW IS A CORRUPT STATE.  The main source of the corruption he identified this time, was the scandal-ridden property industry and its welded on relationship with the incumbent State Labor Government and the Public Service.


He was not successful in his bid to re-enter Parliament, whereas the gun lobby, which goes under the seemingly benign name The Shooters and Fishers Party, increased its vote.


In essence, in 2011 a large section of the voting public in NSW thought a minor Party whose main agenda is to increase access to firearms and places to use them, was more important than an individual who would work to expose corruption, both in the public service and in the Parliament - the State in now paying the price.


Since the landslide victory of the NSW Coalition Party in 2011, there has been a nauseating parade of politicians (from both major Parties) and business identities called before The Independent Commission Against Corruption, ICAC, some now declared corrupt by the Commission.


John Hatton’s instincts in 2011 were right.


In the public interest, prior to the forthcoming 2015 NSW State election,  http://www.stateofsiege.com.au will post the entire documentary State of Siege.


State of Siege was released in the lead up to the 2011 NSW State election. It foreshadowed the web of corruption that is now being exposed. In addition, the site will post never before seen out-takes from the original interviews, including comments on the culture of political donations by former Premier Barry O’Farrell, whilst he was in Opposition.



 "The trouble is…
Conservative Governments got in and behaved badly… then Labor Governments behaved in much the same way"

       Jack Mundey
  Green Ban Activist
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